The skin in the biggest organ we have and since it is directly exposed to environmental factors it needs even more care and treatment Quely Body Cream will not only protect but also treat skin against all imperfections and irritations. It will even out the skin tone and even help get rid of some abnormalities like warts and other skin conditions.

It is so successful due to its special formula with the top ingredients to care for the skin.
Active ingredients:


Working as a skin protectant, petrolatum soothes irritated skin. It also protectively coats the skin and helps keep the skin’s own moisture from evaporating and keeps the complexion even.


Panthenol is a derivative of vitamin B that, when applied externally, penetrates and conditions the skin thoroughly. It helps to hydrate the skin while enhancing its healing abilities.


Glycerin draws and holds moisture to the skin, helping to keep it hydrated and soft. Its commonly used as an intensive moisturizing agent in lotions, creams, and other kinds of cosmetics.

Uneven skin complexion

The beneficial ingredients work to even the tone of complexion and restore skin's beauty. It works even on the most stubborn skin conditions and it results in a fresh-looking, even skin complexion to be proud of, and feel good with.

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Irritated skin

From frequent hand washing and side effects from other cosmetics or ingredients, to dry climates and extreme weather, some of the most common skin irritants are also unavoidable, resulting in dry skin. Using Quely brings soothing comfort and effective relief to skin.

About us:

Soft cream for dry, irritated skin

Proven to restore smooth, soft skin

Preservative and fragrance free

Uniquely formulated with Petrolatum

Allows oxygen to flow and helps heal the skin

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